Computer Services

Whether you have your own computerized accounting system or are considering converting over from a manual system, we can advise you on what hardware you will need, help you acquire and install all components and help you get your entire office networked.

What the sales person does not tell you is the most expensive part!! Don’t let this happen to you. We can help!

Technology is rapidly changing and if you are not familiar with how it all works, it can be very frustrating! Let us take the frustration out of this process for you. We offer complete packages and will be there until everything works the way you want it to. In addition, we can help make sure you avoid very costly mistakes with picking the wrong network computer and software. Don’t totally rely on the computer and software salespeople, what they don’t tell you is the most expensive part! Computers are only beneficial if used correctly by someone with the proper knowledge. We have seen how a real mess can be created by businesses that computerized without really knowing what they were doing.

When it comes to accounting software service in NJ, we can not only recommend a system that will work best for you but make sure it is cost effective for your budget, your specific needs and business environment. Each business is unique and we help in finding the right solution for you.

We are also certified consultants for QuickBooks, the top-selling small business accounting software program. Our staff is trained to assist you in setting up your books correctly from the start and can continue to help you with questions or problems that arise in day to day activity. We can provide on-site assistance, telephone assistance, and even remote assistance through the Internet if you have high speed internet access. Remote assistance technology is built into QuickBooks, and utilizing third party vendor software, we can access your computer from our office and work on almost any software application or system problem, making support easier, quicker and more cost effective for everyone!

Data Loss, this can be the equivalent of your business records completely disappearing!  We can assist with solutions from on-site backup routine as well as provide off-site data backup to protect against hardware failure and physical loss of data from theft or natural disasters like fires and hurricanes.