Government Accounting Compliance

Our accounting compliance services in NJ keep your company in compliance with government and state regulations in a heightened regulatory environment.

Congress has pushed for increased use of suspension and debarment to eliminate irresponsible contractors. Between 2009 and 2010 suspensions and proposed debarments have increased by more than 50%. We can help develop compliance, ethics and accounting system to help you be more successful in a highly regulated environment.

We can help with:

  • Incurred cost submission preparation
  • Advisory services related to Cost Accounting Standards
  • Assistance through DCAA audits
  • Disclosure statement preparation
  • Forward pricing rates
  • Compliance review
  • Accounting system

Cost Proposal Preparation

Cost proposals require an extensive amount of time be dedicated to the process. Most companies do not have adequate staff or expertise to develop proposals on a consistent basis. Our staff has experience in assisting in the development of proposals. We also ensure that the proposal is consistent with your accounting system and client expectations.

Cost Pool Structure Development and Maintenance

Many companies do not have the expertise in-house to develop or maintain the pool structure necessary to fully recover their cost and comply with government/CAS reporting requirements. We have over 25 years of cost management through development and maintenance of job cost systems and direct/ indirect rates.

Cost Accounting Standards

Since our backgrounds are heavily related to the government contracting industry, we have dealt with many IRS, state compliance and CAS-related issues.

Government Reporting

We have experience in preparing government reports such as incurred cost submissions, forward pricing rate agreements, and contract status reports which has led to a good rapport with DCAA and DMCA.