Taxes and Tax Preparation

Many hours are invested in continuing education to stay current in every field of taxation in which we are involved. We devote considerable dollars in computer hardware and software each year to assure we can provide the best, most accurate and cutting edge tax planning and tax preparation services to our clients.

From the simplest individual 1040EZ return to the most complicated small, medium, or large business return, we offer a complete range of tax services. We can prepare returns for any state in the U.S. We also can assist with prior year and amended return tax preparation in New Jersey.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is key to your financial success. Don’t be surprised at the end of the year! We can help you approximate your current tax liability and assist with decisions needed to help minimize your taxes. As American citizens, we all have responsibility to pay our fair share of taxes, but we also enjoy the privilege and right to pay only our fair share! We know the tax laws and can help you take advantage of every legal deduction and credit available to you.

Individual (Federal and State) Tax Preparation

1040EZ, 1040 A and 1040   Prices start as low as $100.00

We know the rules regarding tax and tax preparation in New Jersey. Don’t find out that the tax firm you used may have taken a position that puts you in the IRS bull’s eye!  We provide our clients with free electronic filing. This can get your refund to you in 7-14 days, no costs and no hassles. Some tax preparation firms charge a significant fee for “RAPID REFUNDS” that give a generous profit to the tax preparer and the participating financial institution!  We prefer to see you get your money quickly, at no additional cost. IRS has significantly enhanced the electronic filing and direct deposit system and over 90% of taxpayers due refunds last year that e-filed and chose the direct deposit option received their tax refunds in less than 10 days!

Corporate and Partnership Tax Preparation

1120, 1120A or 1120S Federal and State Corporate Returns

1065 Partnership Tax Returns

Tangible & Intangible Property Tax Returns

We understand business and the many unique situations and opportunities that arise from owning and operating your own business. Let us help you organize your data and then prepare an accurate and timely return, ensuring you pay the least amount of taxes you are legally obligated to pay.

Estate & Gift Taxes–Federal and State

706, 709 and 1041 Tax Returns–We can work with you and your attorney to ensure all your federal and state income and estate tax obligations are accurate and filed timely in the event of a family death. For lifetime gifts, we can help with planning the timing and makeup of these gifts to ensure the most efficient results are achieved for income and estate tax purposes. We will also prepare the gift tax returns, accurately and timely.

Nonprofit Organizations Taxes

IRS Form 990 and related schedules—we can help in dealing with the unique tax and reporting issues surrounding nonprofit entities. We can help your organization file for and receive nonprofit status from IRS and then assist with making sure all required annual tax returns are filed and we will help you stay in compliance with state laws regarding entities that solicit tax deductible contributions from the general public.